Top 8 Qualities Men Want in Women

Let’s take a look at some of the attributes men look for in a woman. Actually, it might be more correct to say “the attributes that catch men’s attention, even when they’re not looking.” Let’s start with the obvious and then follow the yellow brick road into the elements that become more important as a relationship […]

Dressing Tips for Very Thin Women

Fullness and softness are your tricks of illusion Outfit that is too tight or bare types should be avoided. Huge and large accessories could be worn, also boots than strappy sandals are good options to consider. Do not wear clothes with vertical design and stripes as it would make you look thinner. Wear starched fabrics […]

Dressing Tips for Small Women

If you have shorter neck choose tops with deep neckline and long necklace as an accessory Do not select tops with high collar and short necklaces that totally hug the neckline. Clothes with all over print should be avoided, but the print should be scattered here and there on the outfit, if possible on the […]

Dressing tips for plumpy women

Free flowing soft fabrics in single tone gives slim look, so avoid starched or thick fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, polyester or cotton silk should be preferred. Clothes with vertical lines create an illusion of slimness and height. For heavy legs- long skirts ending at the narrowest part of the calf would look good, also the […]

Dressing tips for tall Women

The bottoms should be of pale, base coloured, earthy tones, it could be paired with bright coloured T-shirts or tops. Short blazers with multiple buttons create an illusion of shorter upper body. If you are tall and bulky with fat on upper part of the body then, always wear belts just above the natural waist […]